The nature of Limburg...

In 2018, Cindy and Luc moved to a farmhouse in the greenest sweet spot in Flanders: Zutendaal. As 'city people' they were quickly impressed by the beauty of the Limburg nature. It was hard to put into words.

The great writer Jeroen Brouwers used to live nearby. Brouwers... brewing... 

What if the nature of Limburg could be captured in taste? The idea started to ripen, Cindy put her imagination into it, Luc rolled up his sleeves and a few months later the Limburgse Schone was born. a bottle

De Limburgse Schone is a unique beer: dry, bitter and sweet.

Dry as the Lommel Sahara, with a bitter touch of bronze-green oak chips from the Hoge Kempen and a subtle sweet hint of Haspengouw apples. A sensation for the senses.

This seductive blonde drink of the gods consists largely of local ingredients and has an alcohol content of 7.2% and IBU 24.


Cindy and Luc now run the Bezoens microbrewery, named after the Bezoensbeek, which rises on the Kempen Plateau near the hamlet of Stalken, their home town. 

That's local!

Let yourself be seduced by this blonde Beauty!

Appearance: The white head is nicely firm, stable and forms lace along the glass. The beer is golden and slightly cloudy.

Aroma: You immediately experience soft apple in the nose. In addition, a hint of caramel and spicy hops. Freshness. 

Taste: The taste is full and smooth, malty with a sweet attack. You also taste grains and wood notes. Slightly bitter.

Mouthfeel: A full creamy beer with a spicy sensation. Softly carbonated. Fresh with a little acidity.

Finish: The finish is fruity and somewhat dry towards the end. The fruity apple remains subtly present throughout the beer.

General impression: Stable and full bodied. A drinker. 

Ideal for refreshment on a summer terrace!

” Whether you're a purebred Limburger or a passing tourist: everyone craves the taste sensation of a Limburger Schone "

Did you know...

... Zutendaal has 7,200 inhabitants? This appears to be a magic number, because the alcohol percentage of the Limburg Schone is ... 7.2%.

... we do not use any animal ingredients to filter the beer? Vegetarians and vegans can also enjoy this delicious blonde to their heart's content!

... we use artisanal apple juice from environmentally friendly and organically grown fruit from Haspengouw for the subtle sweet impression? Always very freshly pressed and no added preservatives, water, sugar, sweeteners, colourings or flavourings. Top quality apple juice!

... heavy, blond beers are best served in a somewhat larger, tulip-shaped glass? The volume of the glass gives the aromas of the beer enough space to reach their full potential. The tulip shape ensures that these aromas are retained. You shouldn't pre-rinse tulip-shaped glasses, but always use a nice, clean, dry glass.

A very fresh beer with a nice taste. Drinks well, sometimes a bit too fast. 🙂 - Raf

By the Schone even a Limburger becomes fast, when he walks to the frigo to take another one! - Cedric

Nice fresh beer with a soft aftertaste, ideal for both of us but we don't share! 🍻 😅 - Marcia

Nice beer, also for women, definitely recommended. I have let several people enjoy it and they are all equally enthusiastic about it ! 🍻 - Marlene

I enjoyed it, I ordered more immediately - Josée

A tasty Limburg lake, almost as tasty as my wife. 🍻 - Alain

International Prizes and Awards

Since our start in March 2021, we have already won 8 international awards:
1 double gold, 4 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze, we are very proud of that!


The Craft Beer Awards is the grand European competition for craft beers held annually in London. Various beer experts, including from Harrod's, taste and judge thousands of beers from 35 countries. As you know that top members of the sales, import and distribution industry also vote, it should be clear that this award means something internationally. In fact, CNN called the competition "the most influential beverage competition in the world.


The International Beer Challenge has been around for 25 years and is organized by Drinks Retailing Magazine in the United Kingdom. Again, a large number of beer experts taste beers from around the world. Some 80 categories award the best beers. In the 'Flavoured beers' category, the jury rewarded the Limburg Schone from Zutendaal with a bronze medal.

John Doe


The European Beer Challenge is Europe's premier beer competition.
Organized by CWSA™ - The Ultimate Accolade - the most influential liquor awards organization in the world and responsible for 1 billion bottles sold since 2006.

Participants will be judged by Europe's leading beer buyers in London.


The London Beer Competition awards standout beers that deserve a large market.

The judges will evaluate quality, price and appearance.

London Beer Competition rewards beer that is well made, tastes great, offers great value for money and stands out on the shelf.

Winning an award in this competition means top quality beer!


The Asia Beer Challenge is judged by more than 100 of Asia's top beer buyers and gives brewers the unique opportunity to showcase their quality beers in Asia.

The judges of the Asia Beer Challenge know what Asian consumers want. They are highly specialized and know the demands of the Asian market. 


In 2022, we won a second time at the Craft Beer Awards, this time silver.

This proves that it wasn't a one-time lucky shot but that our beer has caught the eye of the international experts again and again. 

Maybe a third prize in 2023? Fingers crossed!

John Doe


In 2023, we won a second time at the European Beer Challenge . This time DOUBLE GOLD.

By comparison, Alken-Maes' Hapkin and Inbev's Victoria, similar beers, each won gold. And we top that, not bad for a local beer, right? 

John Doe


In June 2023, we won a gold medal at the Aurora International Taste Challenge in South Africa.

In addition to Europe and Asia, we are now conquering Africa! On to America I would say!

John Doe

Radio interview about the Limburgse Schone on radio GRK on 26/02/2021

Contact us

Cindy Schoenaerts
Luc Savoné
Hoogkantstraat 5
3690 Zutendaal
0474 65 71 01

BE 0892 813 239

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